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We are a leading UK Filter Manufacturer, we can design and manufacture a range of Hydraulic, Oil & Air filters for any industrial application. Whether it’s a new filter design or replacement for an existing OEM installation, we have both the expertise and the track record to be able to design and deliver your filter requirements. Simply call us or complete the online form and our experienced engineers will contact you for an initial discussion.

Through our own Design, Research & Development department and facilities, we can produce obsolete and non-standard filtration products while continually improving our core range. Our Rapid Response Customer Support System provides prompt and comprehensive technical backup around the clock for your peace of mind. In fact, our complete service means your filtration needs are in safe hands from start to finish, that’s why so many market leading organisations working under extreme conditions depend on our filtration solutions day in & day out.

The Micro-Mesh Ethos

At Micro-Mesh we are passionate about filtration, by identifying our customer’s needs we give them a competitive edge in the market by providing filtration solutions through innovation, flexibility and all-round personal service. Therefore our mission statement is: “We believe the best way to secure tomorrow’s market is to ensure that today’s quality and service are absolutely dependable” and our vision is to remain respected as a manufacturer for filtration design, innovation and expertise. Our mission, vision and company values are important to us as they define the essence of Micro-Mesh.

Micro-Mesh is an established family business, we know it’s important to be flexible with customer demands and show Loyalty to our customers, suppliers and employees sustaining longstanding relationships. The main focus of our Research and Development department is continual improvement in design and equipment also keeping innovation and technological excellence high.

The Micro-Mesh Advantage

Micro-Mesh’s values will always be found in its people, products and performance. The filters created at our Nottingham facility, Innovation House, are designed giving our customers a competitive advantage in the market and are manufactured to the highest standard. This, for a price you can only get from a manufacturer.

As the foundation of our core product, we pay special attention to the media in our filters. A Micro-Mesh filter can always be recognised by its “code of honesty”. This is a colour coding which runs through the media denoting the micron rating. This thread will always verify that you are getting the correct micron rating.  Additionally, the multi-layer micro media ensures excellent dirt holding capacity, high retention efficiency and maximum flow efficiency.

Micro-Mesh Biography

In 1968, Micro-Mesh was established by four directors. The prime reason for the inception of Micro-Mesh was to facilitate solutions for filtration in the mining sector, and the first enquiry came from the National Coal Board (NCB) for filtering in confined space. Micro-Mesh designed and manufactured a triple filter element for the NCB. This origin can still be found in Micro-Mesh today as it represents their first ever product made. Over the years, Micro-Mesh has been a prominent player in the mining industry: having helped the first million ton pit in the UK and securing a single source contract with RJB Mining (now UK Coal). To/till? this day Micro-Mesh still supplies to the remaining two pits in the UK.

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